Two-up drivers rest breaks

While two-up drivers must never exceed the working hours mandated by their particular work/rest option, there are no set short rest requirements for drivers operating in a BFM two-up arrangement. In other words, you do not have to take a break after or within the first 6 ¼ hours and so on.

However, it is important for drivers and other parties in the chain of responsibility, working under this arrangement to keep to the general duties provided for in the law.

Operators accredited under BFM are entitled (and encouraged) to install their own short rest break requirements.

Under the CoR it is the;

228 Duty of driver to avoid driving while fatigued

(1)            A person must not drive a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle on a road while the person is impaired by fatigue and

229 Duty of party in the chain of responsibility to prevent driver driving while fatigued

(1)            A party in the chain of responsibility (a party) for a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle must take all reasonable steps to ensure a person (the other person) does not drive the vehicle on a road while the other person is impaired by fatigue.

If you don’t show that you have taken rest breaks, it is entirely feasible that Inspectors or other Authorities could rule you as working while fatigued.

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Paul Fanning
6 months 20 days ago

I think you are totally wrong here! Your assumption seems to me to be based on the fact there is no short rest breaks listed in the BFM table for two up. It is ridiculous for you to suggest that drivers may drive in excess of the 6,9 & 12 Hr rules that underpin the BFM level. By doing so you put drivers at risk of penalties because I can guarantee that any enforcement officer will immediately issue fines on viewing your diary.