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Transport drivers are everywhere and know better than anyone what is happening on our roads. Tell us about roadworks and other traffic hazards. Share what you see and tell us what you what like to know and you will read about it here on this blog.

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Greg Halse
6 years ago

Road conditions

6 years ago
Reply to  Greg Halse

Roads what a joke half the highways are no more than goat tracks no wonder there are so many accidents the government and the Henri need to get off there fat asses and take a trip on these so called highways I for one had enough after many years on the road in may this year I handed my license back

Patrick Elliott
6 years ago

There are road works on Peak Down Hwy at Cut Creek, Boundary Ck, Lonely Ck, and just west of Nebo

Patrick Elliott
6 years ago

Anybody else sick of these people mounting spotlights on their roof racks and using fog lights when driving. They don’t dip their high beam and spot lights until they see you headlights, so if they are in a lower part of the road, you’re blinded by their lights, even if you flash your lights they still wait until they see your headlights.
When I hear of single vehicle accidents, I wonder if this could have been the cause, people being blinded by fog lights or roof mounted spot lights.