Counting night rest breaks in a 14 day period

There has been a lot of confusion regarding night rest breaks and 24 hour breaks within a 14 day counting period. In particular, what happens when a 24 hour break doesn’t fully encompass the hours between 10pm and 8am.

The minimum rest is interpreted as 2 X 24 hours of continuous stationary Rest breaks (the first taken after no more than 84 hours work time)  & 4 X Night Rest breaks , two(2) of which must be taken on consecutive days.

The definition of a night rest break is given as “7 continuous hours of stationary rest time between 10pm on a day and 8am on the next day (using the time zone of the driver’s base), OR 24 continuous hours of stationary rest time”

The definitive word here is “or”. A 24 hour break can include a night rest break regardless of what time the 24 hour period ends and also counts as a 24 hour break. A 48 hour break within 14 days would then count for 2 × 24 hour breaks plus 2 consecutive night rest breaks leaving only 2 more night rest breaks to be accounted for within the 14 day period. Another 24 hour break would account for one more of the 4 required night rest breaks and so on.

However you need to understand what the valid counting period is or when you can start counting. A BFM solo driver would count a period of 14 days from the end of a rest break of 24 or more continuous hours OR  from the end of a night rest break.

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bernard reid
5 years ago

instead of of making us solve the theory of relativity each time we make an entry why not make it simpler not all trucks have access to nasa’s computers if you people keep going we will need to carry a lawyer , mathematician and an astronomer (for the phases of the moon which may affect us) the definitive word is confusion,

4 years ago

Please expand on the 14 day period. Is that any 14 day period counting forward from a break.

Bodie Stapleton
2 years ago

Can you elaborate on the consecutive night rest breaks? If I rest from 10pm till 5am on day one can I have the second consecutive break from 1am to 8am the following day? I have been told you must start the break before midnight for it to be consecutive.
Thank you