Who really owns your Fatigue Management Certificate?

Here at AFM we have had a number of queries from drivers who are changing jobs, regarding their Fatigue Management Certificate. In particular one driver was told that his Certificate belonged to the Company and as he was leaving the Company he would have to redo the course and get another Certificate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like your Work Diary and Medical, the Certificate is yours and has your name on it regardless of who paid for it, and goes with you when you change jobs.

Under the BFM or AFM Standards, employers are required to keep copies of it on file but ownership never changes. If you have done your course with Australian Fatigue Management, a new Certificate is always available to you should it become lost or your employer or ex-employer decides to withhold it. You simply have to log in and download it. If you have forgotten your log in details then you need to contact us, verify your identity, update your email address if necessary, and you will be given the information you require.

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