Who really owns your Fatigue Management Certificate?

Here at AFM we have had a number of queries from drivers who are changing jobs, regarding their Fatigue Management Certificate. In particular one driver was told that his Certificate belonged to the Company and as he was leaving the Company he would have to redo the course and get another Certificate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like your Work Diary and Medical, the Certificate is yours and has your name on it regardless of who paid for it, and goes with you when you change jobs.

Under the BFM or AFM Standards, employers are required to keep copies of it on file but ownership never changes. If you have done your course with Australian Fatigue Management, a new Certificate is always available to you should it become lost or your employer or ex-employer decides to withhold it. You simply have to log in and download it. If you have forgotten your log in details then you need to contact us, verify your identity, update your email address if necessary, and you will be given the information you require.

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Kevin wilson
3 years ago

I have lost my bfm

Kevin wilson
3 years ago

When I worked for Days of narandara I did my bfm but now I can’t seem to find it

Martin Beck
3 years ago

I done my bfm several years ago and do not have a copy of a certificate or my bfm no where do i go to get the no and a copy of certifacate.

Noel Woods
2 years ago

I’ve lost my BFM certificate and not sure how to get it replaced

Neil Mcgregor
1 year ago
Reply to  Noel Woods

Hi i have lost my bfm

Les Stadon
2 years ago

I have lost my B.F.M Certificate and can’t remember my log in details

2 years ago

Does a BFM certificate expire?

Stephen Willett
2 years ago

Replacement certificate no. Scc2507 done on 01/11/2008

2 years ago

lost my basic fatigue certificate

Linda Simmons
2 years ago

Lost my bfm certificate

Wolf greif
2 years ago

Iv lost my bfm certificate couple years ago I was working for carlswood transport I was wandering if I could get it replaced it’s bit tight to redoing it $$$$ so hoping still have it please let me no thank you regards wolf

2 years ago

Hi I have lost my BFM certificate. I can’t remember whom I went to but how do I go about replacing it

Luke Brennan
2 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and my question
I have held a BFM certificate with a old employer i can longer access that certificate from them and have misplaced my certificate that i carried with me could you please tell how to get my number and certificate thank you
Luke Brennan

Huseyin bircan
2 years ago

Find my bfm number

Todd Cox
2 years ago

1 of my drivers has previously completed his BFM with TOLL. They mentioned that it is a TOLL based course. Would that still have to be registered with a RTO ?
I am his Operations Manager and inquiring on his behalf.
He is looking for a copy of it to be able work under the conditions outlined under BFM but can not produce his Cert for me.

Richard Dale Hetaraka
2 years ago

Hi I have misplaced my bfm certificate .
Am I able to get a replacement please.

1 year ago

Have lost my certificate

vincent william read
1 year ago

need new bfm cert as i did not get one wheh i left my last employer.

vincent william read
1 year ago

need new bfm cert as i did not get one off my last employer

Sean Morton
1 year ago

lost my bfm certificate

darrin tweedie
1 year ago

How do I get a copy of my BFM Certificate?

Dean Taylor
1 year ago

I completed my BFM accreditation while at Bunker FReight Lines Qld around 10 years ago. I do not remember the firm which carried out the accreditation but if it is your company I would like to get a replacement certificate.

Barry Holmes
11 months ago

I did my BFM years ago but have lost my certificate how can I recover it

10 months ago
Reply to  Barry Holmes

Did you get a reply?

Lindsay Taylor
9 months ago

I work for a company years ago that when out of business the problem is they had the copy of my bfm so I’m trying to find where i can get a replacement copy of my bfm.

8 months ago

How do I find out who do I go to to get are placement certificate

8 months ago

Lost my bfm I can’t find it

5 months ago

Hey my partner has done the bfm course but has lost the certificate what should he do now to get another one

Manjeet singh
26 days ago
Reply to  Erin

Lost bfm

Nathan Regan
4 months ago

I lost my bfm certificate how do I get it replaced

Greg Miller
4 months ago

I have lost my dfm certificate i did the course with ronfinemore transport around 2009

Heta Patrick
3 months ago

How do i recover my BFM accreditation?

Brett Wareham
3 months ago

Can’t find my certificate number been lost

Leo Lucas
2 months ago

I lost my BMF certificate