Personal Use Fatigue Exemption

Last month we highlighted the part of the HVNL that allowed up to 1 hour of personal use of a Fatigue Regulated Heavy Vehicle in NSW only.  Well there is some good news.

In the September issue of the NHVR’s On the Road publication it was announced that “ Consultation is underway on a new userfriendly exemption for managing fatigue and driving a fatigue-related heavy vehicle for personal use. NHVR Productivity and Safety Executive Director Geoff Casey said that the Personal Use Exemption would allow operators some personal use of a heavy vehicle outside their regulated driving hours.  “Under the proposal operators would be able to use a heavy vehicle for personal use for up to one hour at the end of the day or on a day off,” Geoff said. “Currently a personal use exemption of up to one hour during a driver’s day off exists in NSW.  “The industry were keen for us to have a look at this and we’ve worked closely with industry and government to provide flexibility around fatigue while still maintaining the highest safety standards.””

For more than five years people like Rod Hannifey have lobbied for these changes, but do they go far enough? The NHVR is inviting submissions from industry and drivers and it’s your chance to have your say.  Don’t leave the heavy lifting to just a few, take advantage and let them know what you think.  To leave a submission on the Personal Use Exemption visit

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Murray Cole
5 years ago

In regards to the use of the truck for private use, how about it goes a step further to enable drivers to use the prime mover to drop trailers at truck parking bays which are a kilometre or so out of town and then drive into town to shower and have dinner. For example, Cobar, NSW, the roadhouse is app 500 metres from the pads, so as to not make the ridiculous 7 hour break any longer in the middle of the day ( which most of the time you are killing time, not sleeping ), by the time you… Read more »