New Fatigue Management Course

It’s been 8 years since Australian Fatigue Management burst upon the Fatigue Management scene with our free fatigue management training CD. Since then over 20,000 drivers and schedulers have completed our training and gained their Certification through the online video training courses. AFMs corporate clients read like a list of who’s who in the road freight industry.

The new accredited course, TLIE3028 Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry goes further into the pitfalls and penalties of filling out the diary page and is a perfect companion course for the Apply fatigue Management Strategies that all drivers working under BFM are required to complete.

The new course is aimed at giving both new and experienced drivers accurate and up to date information and instruction and is an ideal remedial course for those who repeatedly infringe. The topics cover the correct completion, cancellations and corrections, exemptions, penalties, and interstate travel obligations as well as the other legal requirements relating to carrying and using the diary.

An accredited training provider in its own right, Australian Fatigue Management have created this course with the object of assisting drivers to to complete their diary correctly and avoid the myriad of penalties that can be levied for omissions or incorrect entries. As well as the ability to review chapters, help with the course is available from their qualified auditors and trainers by emailing

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6 years ago

Hey, I was going to do this course you have on your site for my diary. I told a mate at work about it and he told me I have to do it in a class like he did cause you can’t do it online. he showed me some official site on internet which says must be in a class but you have it on here. who is right?

6 years ago
Reply to  Jake

This statement is basically untrue. The Competency Unit states “Simulation and online assessment are not suitable for final assessment of this unit of competency” The final assessment for AFM’s course involves in you either submitting 3 days of diary entries or downloading the exercise on the website, completing it and submitting it. This course was accredited with this means of assessment by the Govt. authorities. This “have to do it in a class” line is put about by trainers that don’t have an online facility and want to keep the money flowing, but really, it’s a furphy.