New course pays off for some drivers

AFM’s new course is already paying dividends for drivers that have signed up. The E3028 Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry serves as both a refresher and remedial training when non-compliance is endemic. The course is much more than simply an instructional in filling out the diary page but covers many topics not included in the mandatory Apply Fatigue Management Strategies. These include what do when entering and leaving WA and NT and Two Up Driving and Base Location. Of course a reminder of what is work and what is rest is also covered as well as the mandated rest breaks under all work and rest options

Mistakes that have come to light from submitted assessments vary from forgetting to mark the base location to incomplete timelines and incorrect addition of hours. These are all errors that if they had occurred in real life rather than the exercise, would have set these drivers back a significant amount of money.

What we are hearing about are fines being levied for not doing a correction correctly and going over the mandated driving hours by not taking into account the previous 24 hours. We’ll cover this one in a future blog.

After successful completion, each of the drivers have added another Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment to their resume and we congratulate them.

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Harvey Robinson
5 years ago

The course is excellent