What happened in 2016 – The New Diary Course

In the year almost gone AFM introduced a new course TLIE3028 – Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry. As participation in this course continues to grow, the need for it has become increasingly apparent. From the log pages we have received as well as the exercise completed as part of the course we have seen a wide range of errors from simple mathematics to exceeding work time to incorrectly performed corrections.

While there are instructions in the front of the log book on how to complete the entries, the problem is that not all people learn this way. Of course many people do learn by reading, others by hearing and others still by doing. Mostly it is a combination of 2 or more of these methods and this is where the AFM course succeeds. It addresses all of those methods of learning. Along with comments from our trainers, drivers now understand the correct way to complete their diaries and avoid a fine.

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Jim bob
5 years ago

Hi everyone, we could always take a leaf out of all the mining companies in north west of Western Australia where they have a computer in the vehicle telling the driver when to have a break and warning him before the the end of his shift . All fracked via satellite and there is no mistake with log books! Self regulated and longer hours than on the east coast