What happened in 2016 – Austroads Complete a Study on the Future of Urban Transport

With Road Transport expected to increase by 44.8% by 2020-21, Austroads commissioned a study of how the needs of the Industry would need to be addressed to cope with this future expected volume. The study included such things as destination, routes and vehicle types. It concluded that more vehicles such as B-Triples, A-Doubles and HPFV’s will be needed.

Many routes are off limits to such vehicles and another of the objectives of the study was to find ways of integrating land use with the demands of  Logistics and Transport and still have the Industry able to live with its neighbors. Further studies have been undertaken regarding various bridge capacities and a National Weigh in Motion Network. This report provides a methodology to establish an Australian (and potentially a New Zealand) weigh‑in‑motion (WIM) network. The methodology will ensure a consistent approach across WIM networks and enable accurate data sharing and analysis to plan for future freight movements.

While all of this sounds great in theory, it very much relies on all State, Federal and Local Governments to come together with Industry to develop the system that will be up to the demands of the future. Of course there is the question of who is going to fund this quantum leap. It may be a bridge too far, only time will tell.

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Bryce Macdonald
5 years ago

Hi, I am interested in how you determine that there is an expected increase of about 44.8% in the need for urban transport within the next 5 years. That is a huge increase in a short period. I will look forward to your reply on how the figures are determined.