Going West?

For drivers based in the Eastern States there has been little if any information provided about what happens if you go to Western Australia or the Northern Territory. Eastern States training in Fatigue Management aligns directly with the

National Heavy Vehicle Law or NHVL. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the NHVL is not really “National” and the work and rest times you know are not the same as in these other two States. We have covered this in depth in our non-compulsory E3028 – Complete a Work Diary course but we need to tell you a couple of things right now or you could find yourself contributing to the WA Government. One important difference between NHVL and WA is the required break times. You cannot drive more than five hours in WA without stopping for a break of at least 10 minutes.

There has been a number of things written about “if you are going to be there less than 7 days or more than 7 days”, but the bottom line is regardless of how long you are going to be there, you need to change to the legislated WA work and rest times immediately you cross the border. Now WA does not use a Work Diary but work and rest times still need to be recorded. You can continue to use your Work Diary for this purpose.

If you are going to be in WA for more than 7 days then you will have to meet the requirements of the WA Commercial Vehicle Driver Regulations in order to operate under the WA fatigue system. This includes completing the Worksafe WA online assessment. In addition, all operators of RAV combinations must be a member WAHVA (in addition to WA Commercial Vehicle Driver Regulations requirements) to use the WA fatigue system.

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