Going East Pt. 1

We receive a number of requests from WA drivers for a copy of their Fatigue Management certificate and in many cases it turns out that in fact they have not done the course with us. WA has their own Fatigue Management system and drivers are required to do their training with https://fatigue.safetyline.wa.gov.au/  Unfortunately many are unaware that this certificate is not valid in the Eastern States. WA drivers heading East need to complete TLIF2010 in order to comply with the Heavy Vehicle laws in the Eastern States.

Their employer also needs to be a part of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) if their drivers work more than 12 hours and have employees accredited to implement and schedule drivers of fatigue regulated vehicles. Drivers will need to acquire and use the National Work Diary to record their work and rest times.

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Ryan haydon
3 years ago

Hi need help retrieving my accreditation number/ certificate, i still have the recipe if you can help be much appreciated.