Giving your Diary Pages to the Recorder

If you have done our course TLIE3028 – Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry, you would know that if you fail to give your yellow diary page copies to your recorder within 21 days, both you and the recorder can be fined. So how can this be monitored and more importantly, how can you prove you have done this? It’s easy enough to pull the yellows out of your book so they are not there when the inspector looks through your diary, but what would happen if there was cause for your workplace to be audited? Do you have a system where the recorder dates and signs the yellows as received? You might have handed them in within 21 days but if you can’t prove that, you could be in strife. Even worse is if any date shown on the yellow is outside the 21 days. For example, the date of entry into the computer system? Okay, it sounds pedantic but we are talking auditors, and this is exactly the king of thing they would be looking for.

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5 years ago

What absolute shit. Just another revenue raising crock of bullshit directed at the Federal Governments biggest cash cow : the Transport Industry.