How far back in your log book can inspectors go?

This is a great question and the answer would depend very much on the circumstances at the time. As you know, under the HVNL you are required to keep 28 days of diary entries in the vehicle with you at all times.

If you are a new driver and don’t have 28 days, then you need to keep as many diary pages as you have with you. More ………

Obviously now, these pages are now accessible to the authorities and they may choose to examine them.

However, if there has been an incident or accident and they feel it’s warranted, they can demand the record keeper provide all records for that driver under probable cause.  In this case they will certainly arrive on the company’s doorstep

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5 years ago

Is that 28 days from the date they pull u over or just a calendar days as a whole and is that national?

Shane Hopf
5 years ago

You still havent answered the question!

5 years ago

I’m unsure about being able to change the past but I think 24-48hrs should be sufficient hours to go back unless a major incident has occurred to property or person or maybe the public is worried about said individuals driving if you are intercepted and pass alcohol/drug and roadworthy why should you be punished for a minor mistake 4 weeks back in your work diary

5 years ago
Reply to  Scott

They can and will go back as far as your book will aloud them too. It very much depends on who’s checking the book Just last month one of our drivers was stopped in the morning and log book check and signed of by QT. He was stopped that afternoon at the same place again as they had the hole rood blocked all day and was booked for not finishing the line on his rest time. The mistake was over 28 days in the book but was booked. While it was our drivers fault we had thing in place that… Read more »

5 years ago

When you get a new work diary you need to keep the old work diary for 28 days in the truck with you. All duplicate copies (yellow pages) need to be given to your record keeper (boss) within 21 days of the date recorded on the daily sheet

Sue McKinnell
3 years ago

If you are pulled over how many days can they look back in your book to see if there are any mistakes