Driver Training – is it really you ?

Recently NHVR has received information where operators have used casual employees other than drivers to complete the fatigue management training on behalf of drivers.  Let’s be clear, this is an offense under National Heavy Vehicle Law.  Apart from huge fines and sanctions against the operator including expulsion for NHVA, both the driver and Company Directors would face jail time when finally exposed. Under the COR this could also involve their customers. It would only take an investigation triggered by an accident to uncover this fraud and no one would hang alone.

However there are much wider implications for the whole Industry because of the behavior of these few. Firstly the training and certificate that you have paid for, that your Company has paid for, becomes de-valued and ultimately cannot be trusted.

The only answer is for the Authorities to create new standards and a new course. What this means is that everybody will then have to do the new courses with training providers approved by the Government. You will pay again! You will have to spend the time again and there will be no credit for the training you have already allegedly done simply because it cannot be trusted.

The combined cost to drivers and Companies will run into millions. Because of a few maverick operators, the regulations and requirements become tighter and tighter. These operators think they are being clever, but they are breaking national law and we can only hope their drivers will not pay the ultimate price for not being trained correctly.

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Duane Kendall
5 years ago

I totally agree being a trainer and assessor myself I left the company I was contracting through due to dodgy training methods and a few dodgy trainers doing big numbers and making great $$$$$ , but even when found out they were promoted instead of being dragged over the coals! The whole industry needs a shake up but not by picking on the driver work from the top down since that’s normally where it starts so many steering wheel holders out there that if you refuse to do the hours in the timeslots arranged you just get replaced or your… Read more »

Warren grant
5 years ago

This is so typical of government money making scams every few years they change the rules to make more cash enough is enough ffs