The difference between TLIF1007c and TLIF2010

Another of the many questions we receive at AFM is drivers asking whether their old certificate TLIF1007C is valid and what is the difference between that qualification and the current TLIF2010.

Firstly we need to be clear on one thing. There is no difference between the course content of TLIF2010, the previous TLIF2010A and the older TLIF100C and none of those certificates have an expiry period attached. Unless otherwise advised, all will fill the legal requirement as proof you have undertaken Fatigue Management training.

As a quick explanation of the coding used to identify these units let’s start at the front. The TLI indicates this emanated from the Transport and Logistics Council who are responsible for the Training Packages used in the Transport Industry. The F is the field identifier and shows the unit comes from the field of Occupational Health and Safety. The “20” relates to the certificate level – being level 2.  The “10” is the actual unit number. It is a requirement that these packages be reviewed periodically With TLIF1007C, the last 2 digits indicate the year the training package was reviewed. 07 is 2007. The last letter used to be the version indicator but it has since been dropped.

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