Counting Time

We are still hearing that some drivers are confused about a couple of rules that involve counting time and in particular, counting 24 hour periods. Now you all know that your working time resets after you take a 7 hour rest break applicable to your work/rest option, but what happens if you take two 7 hour rest breaks during that 24 hour period?

This is something we deal with in detail in our E3028 course – Completing a Work Diary, but the short answer is that the second rest break doesn’t count! If you take another 7 hour rest break during that 24-hour period, it does not reset the 24-hour period, so you don’t stop counting. You have to count all work time before and after the second 7 hour rest break you took in that 24-hour period.


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5 years ago

Is this because there is no mention of the other 3 hour broken rest periods? I am assuming that the 3 hours would be taken off the second 7 hour break only leaving you with a continuous 4 hours and not 7.

5 years ago

Can authorities count time from anywhere within a 24hr period or must they count forward only from the end of the relevant major rest break?

5 years ago
Reply to  Ken

unfortunely the authorities are a law unto themselfs they do what they want. they say onething and do another

Kym Steele
5 years ago

The 7 hour break is not a “reset break” for the purpose of the 24 hour period. A driver cannot exceed 14 hours of “work” (BFM) in any 24 hour period. The 24 hour period starts from the end of a “relevant major rest break” which under the HVNL is now 7 hours. So if a driver does his 14 hours plus his/her mandatory 1 hour worth of breaks, they must have a compulsory 7 hour rest break PLUS an an additional 2 hours within the 24 hour period. They cannot resume work at the end of the 7 hour… Read more »

5 years ago

The problem with the second major break for the driver is from the end of both major breaks authorities can count forward from the end of both breaks. So in the following 24 hours of the first break you must be aware not to exceed work hours as well as from the second rest break.. This rule also applies if a 5 hour break is taken also.

5 years ago

This hour break in a 12 hour driving period got me on the 14 hour book

Any tips pls??