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For Bus and Truck Drivers:

TLIF0005 Apply a fatigue risk management system



This is the course you need to do if you want to drive for extended hours for an operator that is accredited under Basic, Advanced Fatigue Management (BFM or AFM), or WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. This course will help you to make sense of the legislation, simplify your compliance responsibilities and understand the mandated rest and work periods.

You will be able to register, pay, learn, pass the test and receive your certificate – all on-line without delay and when it suits you as well as being able to access Australian phone/email/chat support.

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Fatigue Management Training For Corporate Customers

Advanced & Basic Fatigue Management Online Training

When it comes to providing advanced and basic fatigue management training online, Australian Fatigue Management has over 220 corporate customers ranging from small family-based companies to national multi division transport operators.

Join our family to receive your corporate benefits.  If your company employs five or more drivers, our discounts apply to you. Setting up your corporate account is simple with AFM.  Employees are issued with an authorisation which gives them direct access to the course.  They can then complete their training at work or at home in their own time.

You can purchase authorisations in quantities as you need them, providing flexibility in your training effort.

Our Online Training Prices

  • TLIF2010 – Apply Fatigue Management Strategies – $90.00
  • TLIF3063 – Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies  – $130.00
  • TLIE3028 – Complete a work diary in the road transport industry – $80.00

Face to Face Training – We provide site based face to face training on request. To be cost effective AFM does require class sizes of 12 to 15 people.  Call us to arrange a quote, or email us on: admin@australianfatiguemanagement.com.

To set up your account email us on admin@australianfatiguemanagement.com us or call us on 1300 328 448.  If your accounts payable team need to forward supplier documents we can return them completed that day.  If your company uses purchase orders, please forward the purchase order number.

Getting Started

Once set up in our system, ordering authorisations for your employees is easy, simply send an email to admin@australianfatiguemanagement.com stating how many authorisations for each course you require.  We will revert with a tracking register containing the authorisations and a Tax Invoice which can be paid by credit card, EFT or company cheque.  The register enables you to add the names of the people who you assigned the training to. The register can also be updated at your request showing your employees progress through your training programme.

To provide reliability for your compliance, we will also add an additional email address to your account so when people complete their training, a copy of their certificate will be sent directly to that email (just let us know what the preferred email address is).  You training or compliance team will receive certificates if the people do the training at home in their own time.

Need more information?

Contact us at admin@australianfatiguemanagement.com or call us at 1300 328 448.