Checking Driver Diaries

It seems that there are still many companies that are not taking compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Laws seriously. Instead of checking the diary pages that are handed in by the driver, they are simply given to an untrained clerk to enter into the system. Drivers diary pages cannot be treated as just paperwork to be filed. These are legal documents and serve as evidence that the law has been obeyed. If they are not correct they will also serve as evidence against the Company should the auditors ever have reason to inspect their records.

Driver diaries are the one place where breaches of the HVNL can be picked up. Whether it is excessive work hours or something as simple as work hour totals not matching the work timelines, the fact is it is a breach. Under the Fatigue Management Standards for BFM, breaches must be identified, documented, reported and corrective action taken. Failing to do this is non-compliance on the Company’s part and leaves them exposed for action against them.

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2 years ago

I thought all legal documents had to be signed by a J.P?I believe that just because something is written down doesn’t mean it’s 100% true.Mistakes can be made in a work diary quite easy if a driver is tired at the end of a shift.There are no need for work diaries.They cause more harm than good.