Changes in BFM Driver Medical Requirements

The Final Report for the Review of Assessing Fitness to Drive was published in July 2016 and implemented in October 2016. There was very little fanfare announcing these changes and many drivers may not be aware of them. As you know, drivers under 50 years of age must undergo a medical check every 3 years and driver 50 years and over, every year. Changes to medical conditions include Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hearing, various Neurological conditions and Vision and Eye Disorders. A full summary of the changes can be downloaded at:

There are now 3 Medical Forms that must be completed before drivers can be certified as fit to drive. They are the Driver Health Questionnaire. Clinical Assessment Record and Fitness to Drive Report. These can be downloaded at

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Tanya Mills
4 years ago

Hi, I nee do know that if an employee is sent for Sleep Apnoea testing, Optometrist – he requires glasses, hearing specialist and Neurologist tests for possible Rhomberg abnormalities. Who legally has to pay for the extra testing.
At this point in time the employer pays for medical every year including audiometry and spirometry.

Todd Letchford
3 years ago

I need to renew mine and can not remember what the process is. Do I need a form signed by doctor?