AFM’s Blog Post off to a rocky start.

Like many new things,  AFM’s Blog Post has had a few hiccups in getting up and running however,  the issue with posting comments and replies has now been resolved. Unfortunately this has led to some delays in posting and we apologise for this. The good news is that from now on all comments and posts will be attended to within 24 hours and the site updated on a regular basis. It is great to see drivers and people in the Industry responding to blogs and comments and the blog is a great way of airing issues that affect all of us so please, keep those comments coming. Our regular newsletter will go out again next month to keep you informed of issues that will affect the Industry.

Since the early nineties there has been a push for qualifications within the Industry. Since 2008, drivers had had to hold a qualification in Fatigue Management if they wanted to work up to 14 hours a day. Our blog series Competency Standards and the Road Transport Industry gives an insight into how this came about and what the ramifications are for the Industry. If you’ve ever done or been offered a Traineeship in Road Transport, this is for you.

The October deadline for the discounted price on the new qualification is fast approaching. Already many drivers have taken advantage of this offer and have avoided getting pinged for what are basically clerical errors. Don’t get fined for making a correction the wrong way. Remember, this course is also a full refresher for everything you need to know about Fatigue Management.

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