Month: November 2017

Victorian Drivers wanted – but not for a job!

Want to paid for sleeping? A study to find drivers’ fatigue and alertness levels while on shift is being conducted – and volunteer drivers are wanted. Participants will be reimbursed for the time involved. The Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (CRCASP), in partnership with the National Transport Commission (NTC), is conducting field

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Are drivers being set up to fail?

One of the oddities of the Fatigue Management Laws is the option of Standard Hours. The option allows drivers to work 12 hours a day providing the mandated rest breaks are taken at the appropriate times. However, operators do not have to be accredited under the NHVAS and drivers are not required to hold fatigue

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Is endorsement training adequate?

A recent occurrence of a heavy vehicle again becoming stuck in the Sydney Airport Tunnel has once more brought the question of driver training to the fore. In this case the driver did not know how to reverse or uncouple and had no knowledge of the height limitations of the route he had chosen. Endorsement

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