Month: October 2017

82% of major crash incidents attributed to fatigue

Following on from the previous blog the NTARC states that fatigue still remains an issue of concern. The previous report had noted that since the September 2008 introduction of new legislation for heavy vehicle driving hours, and consequent fatigue reform, there had been considerable improvement in losses related to operator fatigue. With the current finding

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Research into the major cause of Heavy Vehicle accidents

The National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) is an independent research facility established by National Transport Insurance (NTI), which, continues to be the leading commercial vehicle and equipment insurer in Australia. Once again, after the usual two year interval, the research centre has revisited the behaviour of the commercial, predominately ‘for hire and reward’ road

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Most of us know that there is no real advantage in overloading your vehicle but there can be situations when this can occur either by mistake or accident. The HVNL states that a person must not drive a heavy vehicle on a road when its total weight exceeds its mass requirements. There are also implications

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