Month: September 2017

Driver Speeding

If you speed, it is ultimately your decision to do so, but believe or not, the HVNL has been written to give you some measure of protection against external influences that may cause you to speed. The first thing you should know is that it is an offence under the legislation for anyone to make

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The Split Rest Break

Another issue in all States except WA is the split break. Under the HVNL, if you had to move the truck even a short way after commencing your seven continuous hour break, let’s say two hours after starting your break, you would have to record at least 15 minutes work time and then continue your

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Personal Use Fatigue Exemption

Last month we highlighted the part of the HVNL that allowed up to 1 hour of personal use of a Fatigue Regulated Heavy Vehicle in NSW only.  Well there is some good news. In the September issue of the NHVR’s On the Road publication it was announced that “ Consultation is underway on a new

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