Month: August 2017

Rest time sitting behind the wheel with the engine running

As with the previous blog on personal activity, there is another provision that is applicable only to NSW. Under this legislation, a driver sitting in the drivers seat with the engine running may count this time as rest time under certain conditions. Section 248A states: Occupying driver’s seat to count as rest time in certain circumstances

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Counting night rest breaks in a 14 day period

There has been a lot of confusion regarding night rest breaks and 24 hour breaks within a 14 day counting period. In particular, what happens when a 24 hour break doesn’t fully encompass the hours between 10pm and 8am. The minimum rest is interpreted as 2 X 24 hours of continuous stationary Rest breaks (the

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Personal time in your 24 hour rest break

We all know that work time is driving or doing anything with the truck such as load checking, tyres, fuelling, cleaning etc. This is particularly galling for owner/drivers who during their 24 hour break, might want to change a headlight or tail light bulb, give the truck a quick wash or even take the kids

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