Month: July 2017

Who really owns your Fatigue Management Certificate?

Here at AFM we have had a number of queries from drivers who are changing jobs, regarding their Fatigue Management Certificate. In particular one driver was told that his Certificate belonged to the Company and as he was leaving the Company he would have to redo the course and get another Certificate. Nothing could be

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Going East Pt. 2

In Going East Pt. 1 we touched on the requirements of employers if they wished to work their drivers for extended hours in Eastern States. As we said, the employer needs to be a part of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and hold accreditation for whatever work and rest option they have chosen.

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Checking Driver Diaries

It seems that there are still many companies that are not taking compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Laws seriously. Instead of checking the diary pages that are handed in by the driver, they are simply given to an untrained clerk to enter into the system. Drivers diary pages cannot be treated as just paperwork

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