Month: June 2017

TLIE3028 – Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry

For a non-compulsory course, Completing a Work Diary continues to break new records as Companies and drivers see the value in obtaining additional training and information regarding diary completion and penalties. The course goes beyond rest and work times and covers such things as travelling interstate, base locations, time zones, correct completion, corrections, what to

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Going East Pt. 1

We receive a number of requests from WA drivers for a copy of their Fatigue Management certificate and in many cases it turns out that in fact they have not done the course with us. WA has their own Fatigue Management system and drivers are required to do their training with  Unfortunately many are

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The difference between TLIF1007c and TLIF2010

Another of the many questions we receive at AFM is drivers asking whether their old certificate TLIF1007C is valid and what is the difference between that qualification and the current TLIF2010. Firstly we need to be clear on one thing. There is no difference between the course content of TLIF2010, the previous TLIF2010A and the

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