Month: April 2017

Legal Notes by David King-Christopher BA MJ LLb (Hons)

Just a brief note which you may want to use to update your driver fatigue and work diary entry policies if you need to. I recently ran a plea concerning driver fatigue that was originally 255 Company and Director offences for failure to have in place adequate policies, procedures and checking-systems to ensure drivers did

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When is an Exemption not an Exemption?

Under the HVNL, there are some circumstances where you can be exempted from keeping a work diary. Two of the most common ones you will meet are the 100 km exemption and the National Primary Production Work Diary Exemption.This exemption relates to primary production and is known as the National Primary Production Work Diary Exemption.

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Going West?

For drivers based in the Eastern States there has been little if any information provided about what happens if you go to Western Australia or the Northern Territory. Eastern States training in Fatigue Management aligns directly with the National Heavy Vehicle Law or NHVL. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the NHVL

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