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For Bus and Truck Drivers:

TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

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This is the course you need to do if you want to drive for extended hours for an operator that is accredited under Basic, Advanced Fatigue Management (BFM or AFM), or WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. This course will help you to make sense of the legislation, simplify your compliance responsibilities and understand the mandated rest and work periods. You will be able to register, pay, learn, pass the test and receive your certificate – all on-line without delay and when it suits you as well as being able to access Australian phone/email/chat support. Register now or Log In if already registered. Register Course Details

For Schedulers:

TLIF3063 Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies

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Under the National Heavy Vehicle Law, operators working their drivers under Basic Fatigue or Advanced Fatigue Management (BFM or AFM) must have at least one person qualified to manage the Fatigue Management System. This course allows schedulers, fleet managers and allocators to satisfy the National Heavy Vehicle Regulations and gain an understanding of the policies, procedures, and record keeping obligations needed to pass audit. Register now or Log In if already registered.
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For Drivers and Schedulers:

TLIE3028 Complete a work diary in the transport industry



This course supplements both of the previous courses by giving more training on the legislative requirements of the NHVL and deals with the correct diary completion, cancellations and corrections, exemptions, penalties, interstate travel obligations as well as other legal requirements relating to the carrying and use of the diary. For schedulers this course is a must for assisting in identifying driver non-compliance and while not compulsory, would meet all requirements for re-training where breaches have regularly occurred. Register now or Log In if already registered. Register Course Details

Online Fatigue Management Courses by Australian Fatigue Management

Make sense of the legislation – your compliance responsibilities simplified – easy to understand courseware – 20,000+ satisfied users – read the reviews – register, pay, learn, pass the assessment, receive the certificate – all on-line without delay and when it suits you- Australian phone/email/chat support

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Going East Pt. 1

We receive a number of requests from WA drivers for a copy of their Fatigue Management certificate and in many cases it turns out that in fact they have not done the course with us. WA has their own Fatigue Management system and drivers are ...
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TLIE3028 – Complete a Work Diary in the Road Transport Industry

For a non-compulsory course, Completing a Work Diary continues to break new records as Company’s and drivers see the value in obtaining additional training and information regarding diary completion and penalties. The course goes beyond rest and work times and covers such things as travelling ...
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The difference between TLIF1007c and TLIF2010

Another of the many questions we receive at AFM is drivers asking whether their old certificate TLIF1007C is valid and what is the difference between that qualification and the current TLIF2010. Firstly we need to be clear on one thing. There is no difference between ...
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Counting Time – When does it reset?

A recent article in Big Rigs surveyed a number of drivers regarding Fatigue Management. By far the biggest issue seemed to be about having to stop for 7 hours when “I don’t feel tired”. If the complaints are about the 7 hour rest time, then ...
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How far back in your log book can inspectors go?

This is a great question and the answer would depend very much on the circumstances at the time. As you know, under the HVNL you are required to keep 28 days of diary entries in the vehicle with you at all times. If you are ...
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Two-up drivers rest breaks

While two-up drivers must never exceed the working hours mandated by their particular work/rest option, there are no set short rest requirements for drivers operating in a BFM two-up arrangement. In other words, you do not have to take a break after or within the ...
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